Best Lawn Edger For Curves

Adjustable length pole is very ergonomic and can easily fit your heigth. However, there still can be problems for very tall operators. All in all, with the combined abilities of all the other edging materials, aluminum can indeed be the best choice if cost and expense is not an issue. If you are a serious gardening enthusiast, then aluminum may be the way to go.

Some edging solutions are really cheap while others can get fairly expensive pretty quickly. Many gardeners love the look that block paving gives to their gardens. A lot of DIY gardeners also say that laying them isn’t that difficult either.

Choosing The Right Lawn Tools: Trimmers, Edgers, And More

Most residential models offer a smaller gas tank that can relieve some of that extra weight. Further, a hand lawn edger is very easy to control, and you don’t have to worry about any possible risk of dinging up the edge of the sidewalk or that nice brick planter. I actually prefer manual lawn edgers for smaller lawn maintenance. By contrast, if you have a tender, low-traffic grass like fescue, you may be able to get along by simply using a string trimmer to nibble down the edges of your lawn. These grasses typically don’t send out runners, but they do produce seed, so keeping it regularly mowed to reduce seed spread is important.

The three transport wheels give you that extra sense of control, while it even comes with 4-cycle oil, as well as having a 2-year warranty. And if you have a medium to large-sized property, then choosing the best gas lawn edger is the way to go. Edging a lawn with a gas edger isn’t the most complex garden chore you’ll ever do, but it’s worth brushing up on a few tips and tricks to get it right – especially for noobs. For the most part, though, edgers aren’t the most difficult power tool to use, so long as you have a modicum of common sense, they’re all pretty straightforward, anyway. And don’t discount the edgers that can be used with multiple attachments. A lot of string trimmers these days can be switched out and an edger head put in place – so you get a multi-use tool and more bang-to-buck versatility.

Garden Edger Buyers Guide

Plastic edging usually has a hollow channel at the top that should rest just above soil grade. Cut straight down into the soil along both lines, digging to a depth equal to the plastic edging height, using a spade or half-moon edger. Remove all the soil between the two lines to create a trench. Spread the soil until level and pack the bottom of the trench tightly. I don’t know what kind of mulch you are using, but I’ve used this method with bark mulch before and it does work.

This product is 40 feet long, and it includes 50 plain bricks, 6 solar-lit bricks, and 56 connectors to hold them together. The plastic is usually narrow, so grass soon grows over it. Emsco solves best lawn edger for curves this problem by creating a flange on the outside of your lawn edging. It also supports lawnmower wheels, allowing it to ‘float’ over the edging without damaging it, so you mow, but you don’t trim.


Worx is one of the first choices among people who need lawn and garden equipment, power tools, and a wide range of home accessories. Keeping your lawn neatly trimmed makes the landscape look aesthetically pleasing. Lawn edgers will help you clean up the grass to impressive details, which enhances the overall look of your home and increases the value of your property. This battery-powered lawn edger is versatile and can be used as either an edger or trimmer because of its dual-position wheels. For an affordable wheeled lawn edger that delivers great results, you can’t go wrong with the WORX Electric Lawn Edger and Trencher. This edger is extremely versatile and yields professional-looking lines thanks to its 12-amp motor, and its wheeled design makes it easy to operate.

Finding the best lawn edger for your garden will also depend on the design, weight and blade size. Walk-behind lawn edgers are ideal for larger gardens, while stick-options are easier than ever to use. To help you say ‘goodbye’ to unruly edgers, below we’ve reviewed a range of designs from top-rated lawn edger brands including Worx, Craftsman and Black & Decker. It wasn’t until 1940 that the first powered lawn best lawn edger for curves edgers were invented, using a rotating blade on the end of a powered motor shaft. Although crude, the spinning blade easily cut through the soil and made a perfect edge, turning a tedious job into a time saving “must” for commercial establishments everywhere. It wasn’t long before powered edgers filtered down to regular consumers, so that they too could add a beautifully manicured edge to their own lawns.

Buyers Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Lawn Edgers

Sometimes, all you need is a simple black fence made from thin wire to edge off your garden or lawn. This decorative fencing is small and delicate, but it does a big job of highlighting the plants in the garden. Though it is not very big, the intricate designs are ideal for drawing the eye to the plants, which are the real talkers of your garden. Perfect for large landscaping against your house, these decorative edging pieces are ideal for larger plants.

Unlike gas-powered units, this lawn edger doesn’t emit harmful fumes and is easy to use. The lightweight design makes it highly portable and easy to store. The Greenworks electric lawn edger is an excellent eco-friendly option for smaller yards. It’s also a reasonably-priced tool everyone can afford to make the home landscape appealing. This electric edger will help you get the job done in a breeze and keep the clean boundary between grass and flowerbeds. Overall, the tool is highly efficient and ensures a steady flow of power from the motor to the cutting string.

In snowy areas, non-dried timber edging may freeze, and it’s likely to crack once the weather thaws. In windy places with loose soil, you want lawn edging that won’t blow away. You also need your lawn edging to resist burrowing pests like termites, moles, and earthworms.

  • For a full, in-depth answer to this very sensible question please, head on over to this article on the difference between an edger and a trimmer.
  • While you can edge a lawn in seven simple DIY steps, sometimes you’ve got to call in the professionals.
  • For a reliable and simple grass trimmer that is safe to use and also safe for the environment.
  • But you have several options, and you should pick the one that fits in your budget and comes with a more extended warranty.
  • You can save a little money by purchasing a two-cycle engine model, so you should think about your needs before coming to an ultimate conclusion on what to purchase.

These models have spinning blades that will help you to get rid of excess grass and weeds without issue. Using a lawn edger like this is very convenient and will surely help you to make short work of your landscaping job. Many of these models even have deep rooting capabilities for added utility.

Features To Look For In Your Grass Edger

It’s one of the most versatile bases out there when it comes to providing all the perks of the above materials combined together while leaving out all the cons. Synthetic resins can be an amazing alternative to all forms of plastic based lawn edging materials. Not only can they be more durable and withstand heat better, but some forms of them are much cheaper as well. However, for lawn edging products, the primary and perhaps the only aspect that you need to worry about is the material used in making it. When it comes to most other tools in your garden shed like, blowers, mowers, and tillers there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before making the purchase. From engine to parts to warranty, a lot of aspects go into picking the one that can fit your needs the best.


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